Many good things

My body's back in order; I've lost weight; I'm loving the gym; loving my job; Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back is on tv and..


random over.
[BioShock] Big Daddy wants hugs!

Rapture is FUN

Guess what game I've been playing?


I've owned it for months, but just never really got into it. Now I can't seem to be capable of stopping it. I was playing it roughly five hours today, six yesterday and I forget the day before. It's just so mind blowingly awesome.

And of course I've pre-ordered BioShock2.

So far I've only made it to the Farmer's Market. Way to fail Tina. But I have done away with a few Big Daddies and saved all the Little Sisters. I know I need more Adam but I can't be cruel to the little girls.

Though I feel horrible when a Big Daddy dies. Not so much about a Susie, they're bitches and deserve to burn.

It's just the Little Sister's reaction to seeing Mister Bubbles die. She's so sad! D:

I'ved stopped now, anyway. It's finally PC time since my parents are out. So yeah. That's about all I've been doing outside of gym.

And now I react to high pitched whistling and glittery things differently then before. Oh SPARKLY. Can I collect it? :D No? Wah. :(
[HP] Sarcastic Snape clapping


Joined the nearest gym today, at a low low price of $199 compared to the $300+ it was a few weeks ago. That's for six months, and I can go whenever I want so that's a pretty good start.

I begin tomorrow. I think I'll go Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. A few hours each time, work on a regime and fix up my diet too.

Here's to a new endeavour.
[Disney Misc] Tigger wangst!

Haha wow

Way to not update your journal in months, Tina.

There really isn't anything to talk about though. I'm still pretty miserable, broke, fat and ugly. Nothing much changed there.

I'm contemplating having the spot on my nose removed though. I'm sick of it. It's one of the ONLY things I can actually change about my body right away, after all. Not that it would change anything else about me.

Dad bought mum a car this weekend. My aunt bough herself a new car a few weeks ago.

I can foresee many 'talks' with mum about me not having my lisence/owing a car/owning a house/being married/giving her grandchildren/being a fat waste of space soon. It always happens.

I saw Cats last weekend with Matthew while he was here. I was actually upset by the fact he didn't 'follow it'. I can't really explain how that is, but a bit of my love of the musical theatre died when he asked me what was going on.

I still love the musical and I'm seeing it again alone next Friday. I'm four rows from the front on the end of the row, so that should be wonderful.

I'm going to join a gym too. There's one near by and I was going to go join today but I felt too miserable to go do it.

Maybe I'm clinically depressed or something. I really don't find anything that makes me smile or laugh or feel happy anymore. Maybe I should talk to my doctor. Can't help, right?
[Simpsons] BORING!


Mum's harking on about a new apartment she wants me to buy.

It has no laundry.

Nor do I really want it but I have to phone these people to make it look like I do. THey just don't, or can't, accept the fact I don't want to waste my money on a place like that.
[Birds] SNAP I WIN

Twilight, Hats, Stories and Muffins

Yeah that's how I feel pretty much.

In unhat related news I'm writing a story. A novel story. A story I hope to pitch to places. I've got the characters fleshed out in my mind, the journey to take them on... everything.

Now I just have to be allowed to sit down and write.

But first... MUFFINS!